Membership options:

$185/month unlimited membership

$100/month 8 visits

Kaiser active and fit please email your fitness ID and birthdate to to verify before starting


1-on-1 Coaching and accountability:


All customized to you

Struggling to get into shape and make better food choice? Need help holding yourself accountable? Want to go to any gym you want and still see results? This is meant for you!

  • You get a 1-on-1 accountability coach the whole time, tracking your every step and answer all your questions

  • You get a meal plan catered to your personal needs

  • You get a custom grocery list with this meal plan

  • Workout at least 3x plus times a week

  • Best of all you get to be apart of an AMAZING community at CrossFit Waipio

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Let us help you get in the best shape of your life and never look back.